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The Wolf

The Wolf is a character type in Wolves, Witches and Giants.


The Wolf first appeared in the story, The Wolf and the 7 kids the series premiere in Series 1.


The Wolf appeared to have a grey, overweight body, short black pointy ears, black nose, bushy tail, claws, and sharp teeth. He usually has a mischievous smile put on his face. His voice appeared to be a range of levels of a gruff voice. In the Wolf and the 7 kids his voice appeared to be low, extremely hoarse, growly voice. In Peter and the Wolf, the Wolf had medium, a little bit lightish toned of a gruff voice. Mostly his voice appeared to be a deep, harsh voice.


The Wily Wolf could chase after his prey ,or he could threaten to eat them up. He was very greedy when it comes to food especially meat. In addition he could also be mischievous. Although he was a villain, he could also, sometimes be a hero, like for instance, in the story The Giant Who Put Out The Sun, he and the Fox managed to get the sun to shine by doing a crazy comedy routine.


  • "Yummy, Yummy!"
  • "I'll get you one day YOU see!"
  • "How about that"
  • "This is gonna take some thought."
  • "OR I'll eat YOU all up!"
  • “Or I’m gonna eat you ALL up!”
  • "Enough of that!"
  • "What's going in there?!"
  • "Listen." (and then he'll say something after that)
  • "Wait a minute!"
  • "Just a minute!"
  • "Hey!"
  • "Oh yes!"
  • "I'll get YOU for this one day YOU see!"
  • "That's what I want."
  • "Now listen to this."
  • "You're coming with us!"
  • "Pardon me"
  • "Okay then."
  • "What have we here!"

Individual WolvesEdit

  • Wily Wolf
  • Mama Wolf
  • Wolf's Mother
  • Baby Wolf
  • Wolves on the Posters

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