Peter and the Wolf is an episode of Wolves, Witches and Giants.


Peter went into the meadow to play by himself after his grandfather warned about it because a wolf lives in a forest near by. He opened the gate and brought his ham sandwich along. There he met a bird, a duck, and a cat. When his grandfather found out that he was in the meadow alone, he grabbed Peter as Peter dropped his sandwich and Grandfather took him back to the cottage. Soon a wolf came out of the forest and spotted the duck in the pond and wondered how to get him. He tried swimming to get the duck, but he sank to the bottom. The Wolf came out of the pond, and spotted Peter's sandwich. He can have the ham and the duck can have the bread, so the Wolf called the duck over to get the bread. When the duck came to get the bread and wasn't looking, the Wolf pounced on the duck and swallowed him whole. Then the Wolf noticed the cat and bird in the tree so he walked round the tree hoping for afters. Meanwhile Peter watched the drama in the meadow and decided to help. He found a strong rope and climbed up the high stone wall and grabbed the branch and swung himself to tree next to the bird. He told the bird to fly down and make the Wolf dizzy. And the bird did as she was told. The wolf's eyes glazed and fell to the ground when Peter made a lasso with his rope and caught the Wolf by the tail and pulled but the weight of the Wolf was too much for the old branch so it collapsed and Peter and the cat fell to the ground. Grandfather ran out to see the commotion with his trusty gun. Peter told his grandfather not to shoot because he caught the Wolf and he'll take him to court for murdering a duck. Soon hunter came out of the woods chasing after a Fox. The fox snuck away from the hunters. Then the hunters reached Peter and paraded the Wolf to the court when the fox told the hunters from far away that they were outfoxed again. In the court the wolf was sentenced to twenty five years in a local zoo where kids can tease and poke sticks at the wolf. And it happened.


This is the first appearance of the Fox but without his green jacket. However he appeared to be smaller, had black ears and nose, and his fur appeared to be orange.